Twin Palms Publishers - TwelveTrees Press
Eirik Johnson

"My photographs depict strange and momentary scenes within overlooked landscapes that exist along the fraying edges of the contemporary environment. I search the boundaries between public and private land, where the framework of urban order begins to breaks down. It is in these non-spaces that temporary relationships occur as forces of nature - flooding, brush fires, tidal change - come into contact with the physical presence of the urban environment. The photographs portray in detail the quietly unfolding dramas and uneasy beauty of these encounters."
Eirik Johnson

Borderlands - Eirik Johnson

8 x 12 Inches
31 Four-color Plates
80 Pages

First Edition
ISBN: 1-931885-42-7
Availability: In Stock

Borderlands - Eirik Johnson Borderlands - Eirik Johnson

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