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John Schabel

"John Schabel’s series of photographs depicting anonymous airline passengers effectively captures the curious blend of impersonal efficiency and poignant humanity that pervades the experience of contemporary commercial air travel. Like products on an assembly line, the planes carrying Schabel’s subjects churn down the runway; and with the same regularity the individual passengers emerge, identically framed, from his camera and onto the gallery wall. Interestingly, it is precisely this mechanized process that lays bare the active, but often overlooked, emotional and intellectual relationship between human beings and flight.”
— Laura M. Andre

Passengers - John Schabel

8 x 10 Inches
73 Duotone Plates
84 Pages

First Edition
ISBN: 978-1-931885-97-3
Availability: In Stock

First Edition - Signed
ISBN: 978-1-931885-97-3S
Availability: In Stock

Passengers - John Schabel Passengers - John Schabel Passengers - John Schabel Passengers - John Schabel

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