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Phillip Toledano

Twin Palms is pleased to offer Phillip Toledano's second book, Phonesex. Toledano has photographed nearly thirty phonesex operators in the intimate setting of their own homes, offering a seldom-seen glimpse into the reality of what otherwise is a fantasy created by the operator's voice, and caller's imagination. Accompanying every portrait is a text written by each subject touching on some aspect of his or her experience as an operator. Whether touching, humorous, or disturbing, every operator's point of view is compelling.

"There is a contract that exists between phonesex operators and the people who call. It is a contract of self-delusion. The caller agrees to pretend that he (or she) is calling a young, beautiful girl, and the phonesex operator willingly plays the part. Phonesex reveals the truth. It pulls back the veil to reveal the expected, and the unexpected, all at once."
Phillip Toledano

Phonesex - Phillip Toledano

9 x 12 Inches
26 Four-color Plates
60 Pages

First Edition
ISBN: 978-1-931885-74-4
Availability: In Stock

Phonesex - Phillip Toledano Phonesex - Phillip Toledano Phonesex - Phillip Toledano Phonesex - Phillip Toledano

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